What is the first thing you do after noticing that something is not right with your car? While some car owners will take it straight to the workshop, most will first try to track the issue on their own. Inherited curiosity, sense of achievement or fear of high repair costs are just some reasons for this. This article will cover a typical journey of fixing your car, from noticing the problem to solving the issue.

Where to start?

There are several things to do as soon as you notice that something might be wrong with your car. Start by observing the symptoms and determining if there is only one or more of them, as this reveals a lot. Usual things you may encounter range from strange noises and vibrations, illuminated warning lights to an overall lack of performance. Another thing to consider are the conditions in which these symptoms occur, which can help narrow down the cause. In the end, pay attention to how these issues affect the road capabilities of your car. Adjust your driving style to new circumstances or even consider pulling over if needed.

What can I do?

Despite the complexity of modern cars, there are still many simple inspections you can do on your own. A good example here is a loose gas filler cap, which usually triggers a check engine light after several miles. Depending on the issue and corresponding symptoms, you could look for any obvious things that might cause the failure. This can be something as simple as an unplugged wire connector, or a slipped hose. If there is nothing noticeable that seems out of order, you can search for possible causes on the Internet. You may find out quite a lot with googling the symptoms your car is exhibiting.

How to avoid expensive repairs?

With some skill and a bit of luck, you might succeed in repairing the car by yourself. However, seeking professional help will be the only option for most drivers when they run into car related issues. Going to a local workshop is the usual path, but this may come in combination with high prices and wasted time. An alternative is looking for a mobile mechanic near you, who will fix your car at your driveway or office. This will save you both time and money, as mobile mechanics prices are up to 30% lower when compared to workshops. As an additional upside, getting a free quote before any repair will ensure you have total control over upcoming expenses.


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