Did you know that rattling and banging noises coming from underneath the car may be telltale signs of a failing exhaust? This is a quite reliable and robust system whose job is to silence down the engine noise. But despite its simplicity, the exhaust system can suffer from failures that will cause gas leaks and make the car louder. In this article, we will go through exhaust system components and learn how to tell if any of them are broken.

What is the exhaust system?

Most cars today have an exhaust manifold with a catalytic converter as an integral part of it. Everything between catalytic converters and tail pipe tips is what mechanics call a cat-back exhaust. Although their shape and layout may differ, all exhaust systems have similar components. Being the first in the line of fire, a resonator removes high-pitched noises and eliminates annoying exhaust drones. The muffler is further to the back, where it lowers the exhaust sound and has the biggest impact on its note. In the end, there are a series of pipes that connect these components and ensure a smooth flow of exhaust gasses.

How to tell if my exhaust is bad?

With all exhaust components being simple and with no moving parts, wear and corrosion are the most common issues here. Things like broken exhaust pipes, corroded mufflers or resonators with a collapsed interior are the most likely scenarios. Besides increased engine noise and rattle, a faulty exhaust system can be a safety issue if there is a gas leak. Because it runs underneath the vehicle, any leaking exhaust fumes may enter the passenger cabin while standing still. This is dangerous as things like carbon monoxide, which is part of these fumes, can lead to poisoning.

Can I replace broken exhaust components myself?

Replacing parts of the exhaust system is a fairly simple job that involves loosening bolts and clamps and detaching pipes. However, there are several potential obstacles, with the position and size of the exhaust system being one of them. Besides having to work in confined spaces, the length of exhaust components can cause issues when maneuvering them into place. In addition, corroded bolts and pipes can be hard to remove and separate.

How important is this service?

The exhaust system is a reliable and robust part of any car whose job is to silence down the engine noise. Despite the simplicity, they can still suffer from wear or corrosion damage. When that happens, it may result in increased engine noise and gas leak. Although replacing exhaust components isn’t a complicated job, it has its challenges. If you don’t have the right tools or don’t feel up to the job, consider hiring a professional. At FixMyCar, we have certified and seasoned technicians that can come to your home and solve all exhaust system related issues. This will ensure that all important components are checked and your car is ready to hit the road.