Are you under the impression that car related costs are chewing a considerable amount of your monthly budget? Besides things like insurance and gas expenses, you also have to deal with the cost of maintenance and unforeseen repairs. This can add up to a considerable amount over the year when driving an older or a high-mileage car. Because of that, many car owners may consider saving some money by doing repairs on their own. In this article, we will find out if that is a good idea.

How hard can it be?

Just like most other services, the price of all car maintenance and repair works has two key components. Worn or broken components need to be replaced with new ones, and this is the cost you can’t avoid. In contrast to that, the cost of labor is something that offers a savings potential.

Despite the growing complexity of modern cars, there are still many tasks that are simple enough even for amateur mechanics. With some effort and patience, things like changing engine oil and filters or even brake pads might be easy enough. As an additional bonus, you can find tutorials and guidelines for most cars on the Internet. Not only do these offer detailed step-by-step instructions, but you will also find torque values and fill capacities. All these facts make car repairs by yourself look like a tempting option that can save you a lot of money.

What are the downsides?

Although something might appear simple on a YouTube video, things have a nasty tendency to get more complicated in real life. As an old saying goes, every simple job is just one broken bolt away from a three-day ordeal. This means that even with the most routine maintenance tasks, you can still run into potential problems. Thanks to their training and experience, professional mechanics can predict any potential issues and take suitable steps to avoid them.

Another downside is that you might spend a lot more time when repairing something than a professional mechanic. Again, this is something that happens because they have both the skill and experience on their side. You might spend several hours while preparing and doing the repair that takes only 30 minutes. And last, the amount and range of tools you will need expands with every different repair and maintenance work. Despite having them for any future work is great, you must consider these expenses when deciding on this.

Our verdict

With many tutorials and instructions available on the Internet, performing car repairs and maintenance by yourself is more than possible. But because of the time and effort involved, this is a path that only true automotive enthusiasts should choose. If you’re just looking for a way to save some money, we would recommend finding a more affordable mechanic. Here at FixMyCar, we have professional mechanics that come to your home and solve all your car related issues. This innovative approach enables us to offer prices that are up to 30% lower when compared to traditional workshops.