Have you ever checked the condition of the whole assembly that drives the wiper blades on your car? Most drivers don’t think much about it, as these simple and reliable components that rarely fail on any car. However, if something goes wrong with the wipers, the car will be un-drivable if the weather is bad. In this article, we will examine all parts that make the wiper blade assembly and learn how to spot potential issues.

How do car wipers work?

Most cars today use the same working principle for windshield wipers operation, which hasn’t changed much for decades. The most important component of this system are the wiper blades themselves, which are nothing more than a strip of rubber. Another visible part are the wiper arms, which carry the blades and move them over the windshield. Besides them, there are several other components that are well hidden, which make the whole system work. When the driver pushes the stalk, a simple electric motor starts to rotate and gives a driving force. In the end, there is a linkage that connects the electric motor and wiper arms. By using a special geometry, it transforms the rotational movement into back-and-forth action that we see.  

Why do wipers go bad?

Despite the simplicity, car wipers work under harsh conditions and can fail out of several reasons. Wiper blades are the first on the line, with issues like wear and material fatigue being the most common failure. The most obvious symptom is when your wipers chatter or streak as they move across the windshield. Also, if the rubbery part of the wiper blade is coming apart, it is time for replacement. The electric motor and the connecting linkage can also fail or wear out, but this is not that common. In most cases, an issue may happen as a result of an excessive force, such as wiper blades being frozen stuck.

Can I repair this myself?

Although there may be some exceptions, replacing the windshield wiper blades on most cars is a very easy job. It’s only important to get a correct set of blades, as they differ in length and connecting points. As for the electric motor and the connecting linkage, things are not that simple and straightforward. On most cars, access to these components is difficult because of the limited space around. Besides that, the linkage is awkwardly shaped, and maneuvering it into place may take some skill and experience.

How important is this service?

As we have explained in this article, replacing wiper blades is not a complicated job. However, any work around the electric motor or connecting linkage may be difficult due to limited space. If you don’t have the right tools or don’t feel up to the job, consider hiring a professional. At FixMyCar, we have certified and seasoned technicians that can come to your home and solve all spark plug related issues. This will ensure that all important components are checked and your car is ready to hit the road.